MEDELA SWING MAXI Dual electric milking pump


The new Swing Maxi dual electric breast pump is compact and easy to use
improved mobility to fit your lifestyle perfectly.

  • More milk in a shorter time.
  • PersonalFit Flex.
  • Milk wherever you are, even when there is no electricity available
  • Easy and hassle free.
  • Two-phase milking technology.

17,300 ден


  • More milk in a shorter time.
    Just like the previous Swing Maxi Flex pump, the new Swing Maxi is a dual electric pump that
    allows you to express breast milk from both breasts at the same time to make it
    milking for twice as fast time. It has also been proven that milking both breasts
    gives up to 18% more milk at the same time.


  • Two-phase milking technology.
    During breastfeeding, babies start sucking fast to stimulate the reflex
    discharge of milk. As soon as the milk starts to flow, the babies change to a slower one,
    individual rhythm to really feed. Medela’s 2-Phase Expression® technology
    mimics the baby’s natural sucking rhythm – the first stage of rapid weaning to him
    stimulates milk flow and then a second slower phase to ensure optimal flow of


  • PersonalFit Flex.
    PersonalFit Flex chest funnel with 105 degree opening angle, soft edge and oval shape for
    better fit each breast, put less pressure on your milk ducts than
    traditional breast funnels, and gives results of a more efficient and comfortable experience
    milking. More comfort for you, up to 11.8% more milk for your baby – clinically proven. Two sizes of breast funnels are included: 21 mm and 24 mm.

Milk wherever you are, even when there is no electricity available
With the state-of-the-art USB C connector, the built-in battery charges much faster compared to
micro USB port, which lasts up to six milking sessions when fully charged.

  • Easy and hassle free.
    Swing Maxi has nine pre-programmed programs that you can choose from
    control with four easy-to-use buttons. Built with less
    parts, the Swing Maxi dual electric breast pump is very easy to assemble and clean and is

With double milking you get up to 18% more milk in a shorter time;
• 2-Phase Expression technology mimics your baby’s natural sucking rhythm;
• PersonalFit Flex ™ breast funnel for increased comfort and 11.8% more milk. Included are 2

• Improved mobility: built-in rechargeable battery that will allow up to 6 sessions of
milking with one full charge of the battery;
• Quickly charge the battery with the USB Type C port, compared to the micro-USB port;
• Easy to use: with only 4 buttons and 9 pre-programmed programs;
• Easy to assemble and clean thanks to just a few parts;
• Much quieter compared to Medela’s previous generation pumps, less than 45 dB at maximum vacuum level;
• Closed system that prevents the entry of breast milk into the tube;


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